We at UNITEC are striving to provide our customers with happiness and peace by developing and manufacturing products for the beauty of the human race.
We will grow into the world’s No. 1 leader in skin care beauty devices and IT products by applying safe and highly effective technologies, thereby developing as a company that contributes to human society.

Business Overview

  • UNITEC is a developer and manufacturer of electronic goods.
    We perform all processes related to the development and mass-production of IT products and home appliances such as design, fabrication, molding and manufacturing.
  • We develop, manufacture and distribute beauty devices.
    We mostly develop and manufacture home care or aesthetic products, and supply/export them to retailers.
  • We support technical training at universities and cooperative training centers.
    We are offering practical training for product development processors at the Industry-Academy Training Center of the Gyeonggi Regional Office Small & Medium Business Administration hosted by Ajou University and the Department of Machine Design at Korea Polytechnics. We have created checklists of various procedures, standards and quality required in developing new products, and we are improving the technical competitiveness of companies by upgrading high-quality technologies of intermediate and advanced developers, and engineers based on on-site training with various case studies

Management Philosophy

  • Talented human resources that display their sense of duty and ability to the fullest as a member of the global community carve out the future and contribute to the development of humanity with an open mind that is both creative and interactive. We contribute to human society by creating top-quality products and services through the development of products of the best quality based on such human resources and technologies.


문의 사항을 남겨주시면 담당자가 확인 후 연락드리겠습니다.


(16521) 경기도 수원시 영통구 중부대로 448번길 97, 601호(원천동, 삼성테크노파크)  |  Tel. 031-212-1788, 070-7789-1231~2 |  Fax. 0505-877-1788

(16521) 601-ho, 97, Jungbu-daero 448beon-gil, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (Woncheon-dong, Samsung Technopark)


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